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Unemployment and Empowerment

Who We Are
Green Gen Kenya is one of the earliest L-CAP teams to be formed. It is a team that comprises of young, energetic and zealous youth who bridge the gap of unemployment and empowering the youth by developing capacity in green business, entrepreneurship, financial management, marketing, communication and leadership to ensure that they play positively transformative roles in the society.

Some of these green businesses include market gardening, beadwork, solar lamp distribution and rabbit keeping. We also postulate and nurture talents among members by using poetry for nature in creating community awareness and encouraging the society to adopt best practices in climate change adaptation and mitigation
     Our Thematic Areas
It’s paramount that the communities access clean drinking water. We have been sensitizing them on the need to have this basic necessity as well as to conserve it as part of our community engagement programme.
Proper and healthy diet is key for personal growth and better living. We have ventured into market gardening where we grow fruits and vegetables to supplement our diet as well as generating income. We grow broccoli, kales, spinach and coriander.
To actualize the theme the group has been partnering with organizations such as Jacaranda Designs to educate children on the importance of washing hands before eating or after visiting toilets and also washing fruits before eating through their magazine "Young African Express"