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About us
iDREAM Green Enterprises is a youth led enterprise that focuses mainly on agribusiness development. We are also involved in other income generating and community development activities. iDream strives to helpturn the negative image of youth, fueled by poverty and desperation, into a positive picture of young people committed to sustainable development through the LCAP network. Members strive at helping to build community resilience, while at the same time providing effective stewardship for the environment.
Enabling our members to look to the future as one filled with opportunity not charity. While we recognize that this is indeed a broad vision, we are committed to making every contribution to its achievement and working with others with similar mission.
To use a practical approach to help the members realize their full potential, increase incomes and reduce poverty through partnership with individuals, organizations and other stakeholders who share our vision.
Program Areas
• Agribusiness development
• Local Purchase Orders
• Community Development
The General Goals
• To develop partnership with private and public organizations
• To engage in income generating activities to improve the living standards of members
• To act as an advocate for youth empowerment in the area
• To develop a programs to improve the living standards of the youth in the area
• To influence youth projects in the area
• To educate and train members of the group on technical skills and entrepreneurship
• To provide forums for sharing experinces and best practices
• To link members to groups or organizations with similar interests

Specific Objectives of the Group
To enable the group members to improve their standard of living through:
• Initiating and promoting sustainable income generating activities on a demand driven basis.
• Initiating and enhancing agricultural activities.
• Mobilizing local resources to start business enterprises for members
• Identifying and bridging capacity gaps through trainings
• Find effective ways of promoting new farming technologies, products and knowledge to members, using commercial, economically sustainable methods.
• Improving access to equity (‘seed’) funding and other micro financial services
• Create a learning environment and a positive team spirit

Current Projects
Green house Project
Agriculture is considered as the second leading income generating sector for the country. Greenhouse farming is known to be modern and easy, since not so much machinery is needed, and the returns are inspiring. Through the project we plant fruits and vegetables.
Waste Management in Bondeni Area
Partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Nakuru County, Arise And Shine Women Group and Bondeni Youth Group we manage waste in Bondeni Area as a long term project. The aim is to educate the locals on effective waste management and help them through community monthly clean ups and set up a system of waste management in conjunction with the County Government.
Youth Empowerment Services
YES Project aims to empower youth through three thematic areas of entrepreneurship, education and employment entry points. We are implementing the project in partnership with GrowAfrica and Njoroi Bridge Students Association.