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The face of change and a step of action

Who we Are
BY-YDP is a youth-led group that strives to conserve and reclaim the best future hope of Kwale County and its neighbourhoods both environmentally and economically. It also advocates against Gender Based Violence through the child community participatory activities. The group is also in other cross-cutting issues e.g. health advocacy, first aid and fire fighting training, entrepreneurship, ICT, creating green collar jobs and ensuring sustainability in management of projects together with local communities.
To be the leading, competent and accountable community based organization on climate change interventions, gender based violence and child care in Kwale County.

To create a hope sustaining climate change and Gender Based Violence free initiatives by curving and guiding economic activities dreams to reality by providing support in health, academics and co curriculum activities and also by offering mentorship, financial and non- financial support to members and the community at large.

• Youth and community empowerment through climate change awareness
• Creating a county gender based violence and child care network by 2015.
• Initiating green and sustainable businesses for youth employment
• Impacting on local policy formulation
• Mobilize resources to support implementation group activities and projects
• Creating links with government ministries, departments/agencies and the private sector
The range of activities we undertake include:
• Tree Nursery and Tree Planting
• Environmental Conservation
• Rabbit Keeping
• Solid Waste Management
• Climate Awareness Programmes
• Human-Wildlife Conflict Prevention
• Entrepreneurship Training
• Gender Based Violence Advocacy
• Youth Mentorship and Guidance
• Child Care and Support
CAPSAY and the Climate Change Action Teams Project
The LCAP project aims to lead positive youth action in Kenya, and by example to inspire a wider range of stakeholders to do the same. LCAP strive to help turn the negative image of youth, fueled by poverty and desperate need, into a positive picture of young people committed to sustainable development. LCAP members are at the cutting edge of helping to build community resilience, while at the same time providing effective stewardship for the environment.
The LCAP project began in August 2011 and now is growing to include youth groups in sixteen different community settings across Kenya. Each group is fully registered and has a bank account. Groups also boast an office base with furniture, IT equipment and land space to run horticultural projects and display their work. Their projects reflect the different needs of their community but are all green (i.e. friendly to the environment) and all set out to demonstrate ways of creating practical actions that lead to community benefits