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As well as implementing Mobile Data Collection Projects, we also teach how to implement and make teaching material available to our partners. Find more information on our mobile data collection projects if you are our project partner by contacting here.

Certainly, GPS training has always been popular and was conducted in almost every field based project, with lately also taking a turn in using Smart-phone rather instead of GPS for mapping. In a direct comparison at a workshop in Nakuru; it was realized that many participants felt more comfortable using a mobile phone app on mapping than a GPS. This could make a difference to your project as well!

Mobile data collection projects naturally contain an element of training, since enumerators, supervisors and survey managers in the field need to be trained. However, we have also conducted workshops on awareness on Mobile Data Collection, containing hands on exercises for managers, supervisors and more technical staff. Since the staff will fill different roles, the exercises also will need to be targeted to their role. Half a day- to one day is enough for managers, if you want to include technicians and survey managers and have them practise on the full application from the mobile to the analysis tool, plan in for two or three days.