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The WPM was carried out by District Water officers (DWOs) who were split into two teams of two persons for the purposes of the exercise. With a GPS, camera and Mobile data sheet.All these were merged together by an emerging technology in data collection which was technically supported by ERMIS Africa.they were also to have a water quality testing kit 'in-hand' the 2 teams have spent a total of 8 weeks in the field to collect detailed information on Embu’s ‘improved’ water sources. While one team member notes down the geographic coordinates, takes a picture of the water point and conducts a water quality test, a second team member administers one or two questionnaires depending on the type of water source. These questionnaires are as follows:
1. RWSS IS - DATA ENTRY FORM RURAL POINT SOURCES: detailed information on individual communal water points, including water kiosks and plot/household level taps that are supplied by piped schemes for which additional information is collected
2. RWSS IS - DATA ENTRY FORM RURAL PIPED SCHEMES: detailed information on the piped scheme as a whole.