GIS Mapping of community Micro-projects
Participatory Impact Monitoring
GIS Mapping of community Micro-projects
Participatory Impact Monitoring
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13 - 11 - 2019
ERMIS Africa is a regional training, research and development organization with bases in Eastern, Central and Western Africa. Our Africa offices are located in Kenya (Nairobi), Rwanda (Kigali) and Sierra Leone (Free Town). Through these offices, we provide regional capacity development services on strategic and operational capacities in diverse disciplines of sustainable development. Our capacity development span 20 years of regional presence and service provision and they include:

The following competence areas are offered in Geo-Informatics,Draftsman and ICT studies
1. Information communication Technologies
2. Geo-informatics Information Technologies

Business Management and Development Studies provides
1.  the following coursescompetence areas

Environmental Management Studies provides
1.  the following competence areas

Governance and Leadership studies
Joint University Mentorship Programme
The JUMP Programme is aimed at grooming the careers of young professional aspirants (such as students on attachment and seeking internship) from universities from all over the world. This is an interactive and rigorous and destiny shaping mentoring programmes aimed to accelerate the equipping university students and graduates with emerging skills, experience and etiquettes that they require for entry into read more . . .

Training Outline : Module 301

Title: Conflict Management and Peace Building
Application Context: CDD micro-projects, Support to Local Development Project and NRM projects
Target Group MAT’s, SCSG’s
Training Objective The community should be able to manage current and potential conflicts arising within the micro-project
Training Specific Objectives The trainer should be able to equip the trainees with knowledge and skills that will enable them to:
• Understand concepts of conflict and peace building.
• Learn about peace building, qualities and skills required for peace makers
• Assess and enhance existing conflict resolution practices
• Understand the role of peace builders in the communities
• Assess own peacemaking qualities and identify areas for improvement
• Design strategies to enhance peacemaking skills
Training Units /Content "M300U01: Definition of conflict, causes, dynamics and attributes of conflict and styles to manage conflict"
"M300U02: Conflict analysis tools"
"M300U03: Concepts for peace building"
"M300U04: Peace building, qualities and skills required"
"M300U05: Peace indicators"
"M300U06: Communication and conflict handling"
Training Resources • Flipcharts, markers, tape
• Writing materials for the participants
• Case studies