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The Fuels 4 Schools (F4S) project is sponsored by Rotary International, UK

Rotary InternationalFuel 4 schoolsThe Fuels 4 Schools (F4S) project is sponsored by Rotary International, UK. The project commenced on July 2011 with a pilot phase that involved providing 5 briquette machines to five schools across the country. The project then expanded to involve more schools and youth groups. The F4S project works under the Climate Action Program for Schools and Youth – CAPSAY, a program which is administered by Ermis Africa. CAPSAY runs two other projects which are closely aligned to F4S, these are: (1) the Kenya Climate Challenge Project (KCCP) which focuses on Disaster Risk Reduction, working with both primary and secondary schools and linking to the community and the Climate Action Teams (CATs) project which focuses on out-of-school youth and guides them in establishing green businesses, community awareness and advocacy. All the KCCP schools and CAT youth groups receive a briquette making machine from F4S.
Delivery is done prior to the day of training. Preparation for the training has to be done. It involves gathering of the materials to be used such as saw dust, charcoal dust, waste paper, soil, dry leaves, ash, and cow dung, etc. The ingredient used depends on availability and accessibility. The working space has to be identified and also the place to dry the briquettes. Having done all this then training can be planned for. The project is currently in the third phase. It aims at delivering 45 briquette machines by 30th September 2012.
Project Introduction
The Fuels 4 Schools (F4S) project is an initiative funded by Rotary International (UK). The project involves giving project schools and youth groups briquette-making machines, and also training and monitoring the groups to ensure optimum use. The briquettes, made from recycled materials (e.g., paper, sawdust, water hyacinth, sugar bagasse etc.) provide an alternative source of energy for cooking, which can create a source of income and can be used as a tool to develop community awareness on issues related to deforestation and climate change. The project contracted development of a prototype machine (by GreenTech, Ruiru) which was then supplied to a number of schools and youth groups on a trial basis: to test the briquette making process and assess the theories (above) related to income generation and raising community awareness. The first phase of the project commenced in April 2011 when 5 machines were delivered to 4 schools and 1 youth group, and supported with training, follow-up and monitoring of progress. The schools/youth groups in the first phase were:
• Thika - Broadway High School (KCCP 2-school cluster)
• Thika - Jujafarm Secondary School
• Naivasha - Kimuri Secondary School
• Nairobi - Our Lady of Fatima Secondary School.(KCCP 2-school cluster)
• Nanyuki - Tetra C Youth Group (The CATs Project)
The Kenya Climate Challenge Project (KCCP) is a sister project (within CAPSAY) and involves 2-school clusters across 23 locations. Thus when a machine is provided for a KCCP 2-school cluster, then in effect 2 schools are able to have access to and share the use of one machine, thus increasing the school and community reach for one machine. The Climate Action Teams (CATs) project will develop and support youth groups in 15 locations across Kenya. F4S briquette machines will also be supplied to CATs youth groups to support income generation and community awareness.