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Our Vision

We envision institutions with improved effectiveness in development services for the wellbeing of the society.

Our Mission

To provide institutions with technical support services towards improving their governance and technical competencies for delivery of sustainable development services.

About Us

ERMIS Africa provides technical support services to institutions to improve their effectiveness in development services across Africa and Southern AsiaSince 2007, the institution has successfully provided cutting-edge technical support services in various development themes to over 400 organizations.


Institutions are development vehicles; Communities are the drivers.

Our Approach

We provide state-of-the-art technical support services on various development themes through collaborative arrangement with other like-minded institutions across different development contexts.

We strengthen institutional arrangements in participatory governance and technical competences towards improving decision-making structures and processes for equitable sharing of development outcomes.

Our development philosophy

ERMIS Africa promotes the concept of 'Participatory Governance and Development for Sustainability (PGDS)' to foster the effectiveness of institutional arrangements in delivering their development mandate with communities are the center: read more....

We hold that, ......if institutional arrangements for development are provided with appropriate technical support services.......aimed at (a) nurturing participatory governance...., (b) establishing collaborative working arrangements......, and (c) building technical competencies...... then, this would ...ENHANCE the accountability, synergies, and skills needed to ...... improve the effectiveness of development services and wellbeing of the society.

Our Technical Services:

(1). Institutional strengthening: We support in (a) conducting institutional capacity assessment; (b) framing of institutional philosophy, concepts, approach, and model; (c) formulation of policies - financial, human resources, procurement, risk, social and environmental policies, data and information policy, etc.; (d) strategies for collaborative linkages, networking, and partnerships, (e) Communication strategies.

(2). Strategic planning, project design, and implementation support: We support organizations and institutions in programming: (a) strategic planning, (b) project design - implementation structures; mapping and scaling of project coverage, operationalizing implementation (logistics, budgeting, staffing, workplan, monitoring and evaluation system etc.); (c) implementation support preparation of strategic plan, business plans and enterprise development strategies; (f) implementation support - strategic collaborative implementation -joint complementary activities, monitoring and evaluation, co-creation of policy and knowledge products.

(3). Research, Innovation and Extension Support: We support organizations to undertake (a) feasibility studies; (b) design, pilot and upscale applied research and innovations for fostering technology development and transfer; (b) undertaking Environmental Impact Assessments and Audit, and developing Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, Indigenous Peoples Plans, and other safeguards instruments. 

(4). Policy advocacy: We support organizations to design and implement policy engagement strategies including policy research, evidence-based agenda setting, policy engagement platforms, facilitating formulation of draft policy instruments, and capacity building on policy and advocacy.

  • Development Themes
  • 1. Sustainable Agri-food System (production, productivity, agro-processing, marketing),
  • 2. Climate change (mitigation, adaptation and Climate-resilience)
  • 3. Renewable energy technologies.
  • 4. Water resources management (watershed conservation and water harvesting technologies)
  • 5. Forest resources management
  • 6. Landscape management
International Certification

ERMIS Africa is registered with several
        • United Nations Global Marketplace : UNGM Number 864328
        • National Construction Authority (NCA - Kenya) : Building NCA-3; Road NCA-3
        • National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) : EIA/Audit Lead Expert
        • JICA recommended : Engineering Design and Construction Supervision Company


Engineering Works Services

• Engineering Design and Construction Supervision Services 

Building Engineering Works: (Commercial buildings, Industrial complexes, Warehouses, and Substructures)

Road Engineering Works: (Roads, bridges, & tunnels)

• Water Engineering Works: (Water reservoirs -dams, pans; water pumping station, water supply lines, storm water management structures and sewage treatment plant.)

Mechanical Engineering Works: (Fabrication works, machine installation and maintenance; Air conditioning; & Plumbing works)

Geomatics Engineering (Data & Information Collection, Processing, and Maintenance for Engineering services)

Geomatics Engineering: (roads, dams)

 Remote Sensing & Image Processing Services: (Mapping, Survey, and Assessment of Resources, Facilities, Services, and Impacts)

Geographic Information System Services: (Topographic survey, Geodatabase management, Thematic mapping of Land-use/Land cover/Forestry/Water resources)

Investment Property Management Services (Rent Collection, Repairs, Maintenance, Security & Upkeep)

 Property Management: (Rent collection, Security, Upkeep Maintenance)

 Property Sale: (Land & Houses)

Data-driven Digital & Digitalization Services (Design, Development, Training, Deployment & Support)

Data-driven Digital Services: (Full-fledged digital ecosystem, Digital registry)

Digitalization Services: (Digitalization of value-chain, E-voucher, Big-data for e-marketing platform)

Environmental, Social, Health, & Resettlement Impacts (Assessment & Audit, Plans, Systems, Training, & Monitoring)

  Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EIA/SIA)

Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA)

Environmental Audit Reporting

Occupational Health and Safety Assessment

Resettlement Planning Framework and Plans

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Research and Innovations Services

• Baseline and Feasibility Studies

• Environmental Impact Assessment & Audits

• Business development services

• Governance, policy, and institutional reforms

• Development Impact Monitoring and Evaluation

• Project design and appraisal services

Research and Information Photo Gallery

Capacity and Development Services

• Framework development contract management

• Social and human development

• Education and Skills Development

• Environment, natural resources (water, forestry, biodiversity, and landscapes), and climate change

• Food systems (Livestock and Agriculture) & Value chain development

• Project implementation support

Capacity and Development Photo Gallery