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Our Vision

ERMIS Africa envisions a society that is increasingly built-up, liberated and expanded to unleash its capacity for self-determination, development, and well being

Our Mission

ERMIS Africa's mission is to promote and facilitate evidence-based research and innovation for better investments, better development, and better lives for all.

About Us

ERMIS AFRICA provides for sustainable development and engineering services across several countries in Africa. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has successfully implemented over 200 projects in about 15 countries in Africa and now venturing in Asia. ERMIS Africa has established several linkages and networks across numerous countries in Africa and Asia and can rely on partnerships with other organisation to provide development services in multiple countries.

Our Approach

ERMIS Africa employs research, information sharing, capacity building, policy advocacy, and livelihood support innovations in its mission. ERMIS Africa programmes are aligned within the respective country’s policies, development agenda and strategies.

Our Services

ERMIS Africa provides a range of multi-dimensional services clustered under Research and Innovations services;Engineering and Technology services;Capacity and Development Services.


Research and Innovations Services

• Baseline and Feasibility Studies

• Environmental Impact Assessment & Audits

• Business development services

• Governance, policy, and institutional reforms

• Development Impact Monitoring and Evaluation

• Project design and appraisal services

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Engineering and Technology Services

• Engineering Design and Construction Supervisors

• Building Engineering

• Road Engineering

• Water Engineering

• Geospatial Engineering and Technologies (Geomatics, GIS, Remote Sensing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

• Property Management

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Capacity and Development Services

• Framework development contract management

• Social and human development

• Education and Skills Development

• Environment, natural resources (water, forestry, biodiversity, and landscapes), and climate change

• Food systems (Livestock and Agriculture) & Value chain development

• Project implementation support

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