1.0 Participatory Integrated Community Development

2.0 Participatory Intergrated Development Process

3.0 Participatory Impact   Monitoring    

4.0 Conflict Management   and Peace Building

2.0 Participatory Intergrated Development Process

2.4.6        Community Action Plan

Step 1: Construct a matrix and organize the 5 elements what (to be done), who (to do it), when (to do it), where (to do it) and what (resources are required) on the first row. The number of columns is equal to the number of activities to be implemented

Step 2: Determine the main activities

1. Training on access to clean, adequate and safe water

2. Construction of shallow wells 

3. Establishment of village water management committees

4. Launching of shallow wells


Step 3: Based on these main activities

  1. Determine sub-activities that will enable the accomplishing of the main activities
  2. Determine who will be involved
  3. Estimate when the main and sub-activities will be done
  4. Indicate where the activity will take place
  5. Determine what resources will be required
  6. Estimate the budget for accomplishing the sub-activity

Step 4: Invite the large community to discussion, comments and make any necessary adjustments. 








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