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4.0 Module 301 : Conflict Management  and Peace Building

1.1 Training Outline

1.1              Training Outline


Trainers Manual: Module 301 :


Conflict Management and Peace Building

Application Context:

CDD micro-projects, Support to Local Development Project and NRM projects

Target Group


Training Objective

The community should be able to manage current and potential conflicts arising within the micro-project

Training Specific Objectives

The trainer should be able to equip the trainees with  knowledge and skills that will enable them to: 

  • Understand concepts of conflict and peace building.
  • Learn about peace building, qualities and skills required for peace makers
  • Assess and enhance existing conflict resolution practices
  • Understand the role of peace builders in the communities
  • Assess own peacemaking qualities and identify areas for improvement
  • Design strategies to enhance peacemaking skills

Training Units /Content

“M300U01:” Definition of conflict, causes, dynamics and attributes of conflict and styles to manage conflict

“M300U02: Conflict analysis tools”

“M300U03: Concepts for peace building”

“M300U04: Peace building, qualities and skills required”

“M300U05: Peace indicators”

“M300U05: Communication and conflict handling”

Training Resources

  • Flipcharts, markers, tape
  • Writing materials for the participants
  • Case studies


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