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4.0 Conflict Management   and Peace Building

4.0 Module 301 : Conflict Management  and Peace Building

4.2 Unit 001: Conflict Management

4.2  Unit 001: Conflict Management

4.2.1 Definition of Conflict

Conflict is a process that occurs between two or more persons (groups, organizations, states) when they have different points of views, different goals, different needs and values and they fight over limited resources to address them.

4.2.2 Attributes of Conflict

  1. Conflict is natural part of life: Whenever two or more people are gathered there is conflict or potential conflict. More than that, an existence free of conflict would be very boring. People seek conflict in their lives.
  2. Conflict is neither good nor bad: The way we solve conflicts or the outcomes of conflicts can be good or bad. We should not eliminate conflicts, but we should know how to have lively controversies. Instead of deadly quarrels, how to create constructive conflicts and avoid destructive ones.
  3. Constructive conflicts have many positive outcomes: People’s interest and curiosity are stimulated.  People grow; establish their group and personal identities, by testing and assessing one’s self processes.
  4. Destructive Conflicts are violent and have negative outcomes: Parties go beyond seeking to achieve their goals peacefully and try to dominate and destroy each other. Destructive conflicts have a tendency to expand and escalate.


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