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3.0 Module 002 : Participatory Impact Monitoring

Step 1: Explain to the participation the relationship between the project logical elements and PICD elements (short term goals and CAP)

         Short term goals has outputs and impacts

         CAP has activities, inputs and budgets

Thus to monitor impacts one has to monitor the process that brings about the impacts so that the impacts are attributed to the project and not to external facts beyond the project


Step 2: Ask the participant to come up with questions that they would like to ask to ascertain whether the process that results to impact was accomplished.

         Was the budget available adequate and received as planned

         Were the inputs procured as the specification (quantities, quality, timely etc)

         Were the activities carried out as per specification (timely, sequentially, and in full)

         Were the desired outputs generated /produced (quality, quantity and timely)

Step 3:  Ask the participants to come up with questions that they would want to ask themselves to ascertain whether their livelihoods or status changed due to utilization of assets or services brought about by the project


         Did the community members change their attitude toward development process

         Did the education status in the community /household change (trends in number of children accessing education due to incomes from project benefits, trends in malnutrition levels due to better nutrition resulting from implementation of the project)

         Did the water situation change within the community/ household due to new well established in the community and training on water, sanitation and hygiene. (reduced time to access water by households, reduced number of water borne diseases, adequate water for drinking, hygiene practices resulting from project)



Step 4: Ask the participant to select for each project at most 5 questions that would help to know whether the process and impacts were realized as planned. Use pair-wise ranking by assessing the questions that better assess what is desired to be known


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