1.0 Participatory Integrated Community Development

2.0 Participatory Intergrated Development Process

3.0 Participatory Impact   Monitoring    

4.0 Conflict Management   and Peace Building

3.0 Module 002 : Participatory Impact Monitoring

ii.            Defining the project period

Step 1: Identify knowledgeable person (or persons) in a community and ask them to describe the history of the community.

In many rural communities, such descriptions usually refer to key events such as drought, periods of conflict or disease epidemics.

Step 2: Relate the time when these events happened with the time when the project started

Step 3: Add to the key events at the time when the project ended (or the time of the assessment).




















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3.1 Training Outline

3.2 Definition

3.3.1 Stage 1: Define the geographic and time limits of the project

3.3.1 Stage 1:
i. Defining the project boundary

3.3.1 Stage 1:
ii. Defining the project period

3.3.2 Stage 2: Define the questions to be answered

3.3.3 Stage 3: Identify and prioritize locally-defined impact indicator

3.3.4 Stage 4: Decide on the Method to use

3.3.5 Stage 5: Decide which sampling method and sample size

3.3.6 Stage 6: Develop an Impact Monitoring Plan

3.3.7 Stage 7: Assessing Project Attribution

3.3.8 Stage 8: Triangulation

3.3.9 Stage 9: Feedback and Validation