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Technical Works and Services

Engineering Works Services

• Engineering Design and Construction Supervision Services 

Building Engineering Works: (Commercial buildings, Industrial complexes, Warehouses, and Substructures)

Road Engineering Works: (Roads, bridges, & tunnels)

• Water Engineering Works: (Water reservoirs -dams, pans; water pumping station, water supply lines, storm water management structures and sewage treatment plant.)

Mechanical Engineering Works: (Fabrication works, machine installation and maintenance; Air conditioning; & Plumbing works)

Geomatics Engineering (Data & Information Collection, Processing, and Maintenance for Engineering services)

Geomatics Engineering: (roads, dams)

 Remote Sensing & Image Processing Services: (Mapping, Survey, and Assessment of Resources, Facilities, Services, and Impacts)

Geographic Information System Services: (Topographic survey, Geodatabase management, Thematic mapping of Land-use/Land cover/Forestry/Water resources)

Investment Property Management Services (Rent Collection, Repairs, Maintenance, Security & Upkeep)

 Property Management: (Rent collection, Security, Upkeep Maintenance)

 Property Sale: (Land & Houses)

Data-driven Digital & Digitalization Services (Design, Development, Training, Deployment & Support)

Data-driven Digital Services: (Full-fledged digital ecosystem, Digital registry)

Digitalization Services: (Digitalization of value-chain, E-voucher, Big-data for e-marketing platform)

Environmental, Social, Health, & Resettlement Impacts (Assessment & Audit, Plans, Systems, Training, & Monitoring)

  Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EIA/SIA)

Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA)

Environmental Audit Reporting

Occupational Health and Safety Assessment

Resettlement Planning Framework and Plans

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