1.0 Participatory Integrated Community Development

2.0 Participatory Intergrated Development Process

3.0 Participatory Impact   Monitoring    

4.0 Conflict Management   and Peace Building

2.0 Participatory Intergrated Development Process

2.3.2        Family vision

Step 1: Request the participant to form family-based groups. The group should include husband, wife/wives and children.

Step 2: Facilitate the family group into answering these questions.

  • Request the family groups to focus on the best lifestyle they wish to have in terms of the following life aspects:
  1. Home (acres of land, house, furniture decorations)
  2. Personal lifestyle (health, image, dressings, food, water, medical check-up)
  3. Career (job, position, salary)
  4. Professional growth (furthering education)
  5. Business (type of business, location, clients, profits)
  6. Transport (Bicycle, motor cycle, vehicle)
  7. Leisure (holidays, vacation,)
  8. Relationship (family, friends)
  9. Security (home gates, )
  10. Community development  (livelihood changing model projects [infrastructure, social amenities, industries, schools, hospitals], socio-economic status, and your role in community development





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2.1 Unit 02: Community entry and re-entry

2.2 Unit 03: Awareness Creation & Attitude Change phase

2.2.2 Secret in the Box

2.2.3 The ‘Diamond Farm’

2.2.4 Take a step’

2.2.5 The Boat Is Sinking ’

2.2.6 The 65-Year Old Couple’

2.3 Unit 04: Situational analysis and visioning phase’

2.3.1 Community Mapping

2.3.2 Resource Bag

2.3.3 The 24 hour day schedule

2.3.4 Seasonal calendar

2.3.5 Family vision

2.3.6 Pair-wise Ranking

2.3.7 Visioning matrix

2.4 Unit 5: Planning phase

2.4.1 Long Term Goals

2.4.2 Selection and Formation of CDPC

2.4.3 Visioning Matrix Discussion

2.4.4 Short-term Goals

2.4.5 Future Mapping

2.4.6 Community Action Plan

2.4.7 Resource Mobilization

a. Wealth Ranking

b. Venn Diagram II – External Institutions

Election of the CDDC

2.5 Unit 6: Implementation Phase

1. Input Tracking Matrix

2. Community Scoring of Performance