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Championing Youth Empowerment

Who We Are
Inuka Success L-CAP is a youth based organization which was formed and registered as a Youth group on 29th April 2013. The formation was spearheaded by self motivated International Climate Challenge students fromSt. Alloys Gem Secondary School in Nyakach District. The formation of the L-CAP has made our dream of working with the community come true.

The group currently has a population of 21 with 12male and 9 female members. Our vision is to be a community based climate action and green enterprise organization within Lake Victoria region of Kenya. We are on a mission to create a conducive and productive society through community capacity building, resource mobilization, networking and development of model demonstration within Lake Region.

Programme Areas
• Youth Empowerment & Capacity Building
• Climate Change Adaptation
• Health and Sanitation
To be a leading community based climate action organization in Western Kenya.
To create conducive productive and secured society which is supportive to youth empowerment, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, better health and peaceful coexistence within the Western region in Kenya.
Current Projects
• World Vision Theatre Advocacy
• Poultry and Horticulture Project
• Water Project


Other Activities
Local Poultry Farming :
To boost the nutrition within the community as well as to increase the amount of white meat. The poultry project has the highest local market compared to grade chicken. The production is based on traditional brooding but future plan is to buy a brooder to enhance production. The farming produces zero effect to the environment instead the droppings are used as organic manure.
Participatory Education Theatre :
This is done in partnership with Tinada Youth Group and Ahero Breakthrough with the facilitation of World Vision Kenya. Inuka has talented youth who are ready wto work with you to reach the community through songs, plays,poems, narratives, speeeches, motivational talks and dances. The members have undergone capacity building on: Nutrition, HIV/AIDS,BCC, Reproductive Health, Drug Abuse and Water Sanitation.
Community Capacity Building:
Through the heart of collaboration we have managed to hold community capacity building training of good governance, leadership and project proposal writing and management. Currently Inuka Success is coordinating registration capacity building training on life saving skills in Nyakach Sub-County as a whole. The members have undergone capacity building on: Nutrition, HIV/AIDS,BCC, Reproductive Health, Drug Abuse and Water Sanitation.

CAPSAY and the Climate
The LCAP project aims to lead positive youth action in Kenya, and by example to inspire a wider range of stakeholders to do the same. LCAP strive to help turn the negative image of youth, fueled by poverty and desperate need, into a positive picture of young people committed to sustainable development. LCAP members are at the cutting edge of helping to build community resilience, while at the same time providing effective stewardship for the environment.

The LCAP project began in August 2011 and now is growing to include youth groups in sixteen different community settings across Kenya. Each group is fully registered and has a bank account. Groups also boast an office base with furniture, IT equipment and land space to run horticultural projects and display their work. Their projects reflect the different needs of their community but are all green (i.e. friendly to the environment) and all set out to demonstrate ways of creating practical actions that lead to community benefits.