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Ecologically Sustainable Living

Who We Are
Green Platinum Group is a social enterprise located in Naivasha, Kenya but with a national reach across the country. Our mission is to tackle the twin challenges youth unemployment and climate change through enterprise. We do this through tapping into the energy and creativity of youth to create innovative brands that meet modern day domestic and commercial demands while working towards zero waste and minimal environmental degradation. We have three main priority areas: Green Enterprise, Community Connections and Advocacy.
Green Enterprise
We aim to create employment opportunities while doing green. So we created Green Enterprise. We currently have 4 programmes covering our 4 themes of Energy, Agribusiness, Art and Design and Waste: Green Energy, Green Acres, Eco-Fab and Zero Waste.
Our green energy programme aims at helping institutions use less energy hence saving on their costs and of course saving the environment. We provide both advisory services on energy savings and green energy products. We currently have 2 products: Eco-Flames & Energy Advisory
Eco – Flames
Eco-Flames are fuel briquette products that provide alternative greener energy that replace conventional fuel such as charcoal.
Energy Advisory
We assist our clients reduce their energy costs by up to 70% and also lower their environmental footprint.
Green Acres:
Green Acres is our agri-business portfolio enterprise aimed at providing food to people of all income levels by sustainably growing affordable local food. We aim to ensure local availability of high value food and crops, meat and dairy products to all clients. We currently have white meat rabbits, indigenous chicken and horticultural products available. We trade under the brand name of FRESH FARM KENYA
Eco Fab:
Eco-Fab is our fantastic, innovative initiative to create a highly functional, beautiful and affordable execution of residential design using reclaimed and sustainable materials. This is what happens when creativity and good design work together for the greater good of the environment.
Eco-Fab is our umbrella brand name for our client-customized product portfolio that combine intelligent materiality with beautiful form to create a wide range of products suitable for both the discerning home and the modern office. We also partner with like-minded friends to distribute their products under our Eco-Fab umbrella. Through Eco-Fab we aim to make green living an easier and preferred lifestyle choice among Kenyans with the long term vision of a global impact, while creating opportunities for creative but vulnerable youth. Sample the following products:

Our other Eco-Fab products include on-demand Eco-bags, T-Shirts, Footwear, Pen Holders, custom-made furniture, Wide ranging House and Office Embroidery such as Window curtains, Flower pots among other amazing designer items.
Zero Waste
Zero waste is a philosophy of waste management that aims to reduce total amount of waste to zero by redesigning resource use systems. Through our zero waste programme we aim to help organizations manage their waste through both ends of the waste cycle. We recycle and reuse to get beautiful products. Sample our unique Eco Broom.twear, Pen Holders, custom-made furniture, Wide ranging House and Office Embroidery such as Window curtains, Flower pots among other amazing designer items.
Eco Broom
Eco-broom is one of our products from our zero waste programme. A design collaboration that both avoids and eliminates waste, the eco broom combines intelligent materiality with beautiful form. Plastic eco brooms which are basically made from waste plastic bottles are a practical solution in waste management.
CAPSAY and the climate Action Teams Project:
The LCAP project aims to lead positive youth action in Kenya, and by example, to inspire a wider range of stakeholders to do the same.LCAPs help strive turn the negative image of youth, fueled by poverty and desperate need, into a positive picture of young people committed to sustainable development. LCAP members are at the cutting edge of helping to build community resilience, while at the same time providing effective stewardship for the environment.
The LCAPs project began in August 2011 and now is growing to include sixteen different community settings across Kenya. Each group is registered and has a bank account. Groups also boast an office base with furniture, IT equipment and land space to run horticultural projects and display their work. Their projects reflect the different needs of their communities, but all are green (i.e. friendly to the environment) and all set out to demonstrate ways of creating practical actions that lead to community benefits.