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Empowered and Environmentally Aware Society

Who we Are
Tujivunie Mazingira Yetu Youth Group is a self-help group based in Kilifi. It was formed in 2011; and registered by the Ministry of Gender and Social Services on 8th August 2011.
Our Mission
The mission of TMYYG is to enhance the capacity of youths in socio economic development and governance with the vision of an empowered and environmentally aware youth society. Our values include creativity, respect, integrity and honesty.
Our Membership
The group comprises of 35 members (20 female and 15 male) who are young people aged 15 to 33years. The members are either in school, out of school or are dropouts who are reformed, organized and are focused to protect and sustain the environment
     Current Projects:
Cassava Project:
The purpose of this project is to create job opportunity for the group members by growing cassava and adding value to the products made from the cassava i.e. making cassava chips and crisps.
Garbage Collection:
This is a project which was started in March 2014 in order to create job opportunities for the members after consultation with the Department of Health at the County Government of Kilifi. The main objective is to reduce garbage disposed at the streets of households located within Mtaani and Kasarani areas.
Future Projects:
In future the group plans to undertake the following projects; recycling sea weeds and other waste materials to make briquettes, keeping rabbits in order to meet the growing demand of rabbit meat.
Our partners:
CAPSAY, Kilifi County Youth Bunge Network, Dream Achievers, Mtaani Youth Bunge, Pwani University UniCAT and Kilifi County Government ( Departments of Environment, Health and Youth )