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Empowered Youth Transforming Communities

Who We Are
Uwezo Youth Development Programme (UYDP)was founded in October 2011based on the need to contribute towards addressing the challenges faced by young people and enabling them to improve their lives and that of their communities. UYDP is established as a youth-led Community Based Organiztion and was registered with the Department of Gender and Social Development in Kenya in 2012 in the City of Mombasa.
Our Vision:
A world in which the identity,dignity and ability of every young person is recognized and respected; and in which they are allowed and supported to live life to the fullest in a healthy and natural environment in order to contribute positively towards community and self development through a culture of peace.
To reach out to young people with knowledge, skills and opportunities and to support them to positively transform their lives and communities.
Our Principles
• Voluntary and open membership
• Democratic member control
• Economic participation by members
• Autonomy and independence
• Education, training and information
• Partnerships among organizations
• Concern for the community in general

Our objectives
We aim to achieve the following objectives:
• Create communities that are more enlightened and can make informed choices relating to their own development while maintaining the integrity of the natural environment
• Nurture a proactive generation of young people that can provide alternative leadership that brings meaningful change to their communities
• Build peaceful communities that appreciate the differences and likenesses that make the canvas of Kenyan people and contribute to the coexistence of all citizens with reduced instances of conflicts.
• Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger to improve of livelihoods for young people and their communities.
Our Activities
We work with youth and community in these activities:
Capacity building, Awareness Creation, Advocacy,Magrove tree Planting, Briquette Making, Table Banking, Entrepreurship, Scouting and Girl Guiding, Water Vending and Computer Services,