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Who we are

ERMIS Africa is a regional NGO based in Kenya and engaged in promoting environmental conservation and management through; institutions such as schools, colleges and universities, civil society organizations (CSOs) and local communities. The organization seeks to build capacities of local communities and development partners in using Participatory Information Management Technologies, Approaches and Ethics (PIM Tools) towards enhanced Community Ecological Governance (CEG), environmental and landscape management, natural resource management and sustainable development. ERMIS Africa was founded in 1999 and legally registered in 2004. Its core activity is Community Mapping / PGIS. Since its establishment, ERMIS Africa has grown immensely and has attained international recognition through its proved competence in handling international responsibilities as reflected in the organization's profile.

-Vision Statement
''... a society that is increasingly built-up, liberated, nourished and expanded in its information sharing capacities ...

-Mission Statement
'' promote, facilitate and advance sustainable development of vulnerable and marginalized communities through research, mapping of resources, information sharing, capacity building and economic empowerment... ''

What we do

Since its inception in 1999, ERMIS has been working with many local communities, institutions and CSOs across Kenya and the East African region towards environmental management, conservation and rehabilitation; community mapping and development; promoting the protection of the rights of indigenous communities and securing and improving community livelihoods.
ERMIS has worked with indigenous communities and close to 100 schools to spur environmental guardianship by establishing local ecological governance structures, developing local leadership capacities, and building capacities on use of PIM tools. Using community field schools, contact formal schools, and interactive virtual and physical network and forums, ERMIS has reached out to many communities in Kenya and other Eastern and Central Africa countries.
ERMIS Africa has a regional mandate to share knowledge, ideas, experiences, skills and strategies on community mapping among development practitioners and local resource dependent communities. ERMIS also works with development practitioners and local resource dependent communities willing to integrate PGIS practice in building their capacities so as to secure their territorial claims, positive intangible culture and commonly shared resources for development and sustainable livelihoods

Where we work

ERMIS Africa operates in the Eastern and Central Africa Regions covering 5 countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi. ERMIS Africa’s head office is located at Sigona in Kikuyu area, on the Western edge of Nairobi with field offices in Nakuru (Rift Valley and Western Region), Isiolo (Mt. Kenya Region) and Kigali (Central Africa Region). Currently ERMIS is running forest conservation and management projects in various Forests and the surrounding areas/communities across Kenya including; Mt. Kenya Forest, Mau Forest Complex, Cherangany Forest, Aberdares Forest and Mt. Elgon. In addition, ERMIS has other programmes in other parts of the country including: WaSH programme in Isiolo, Turkana, Embu and Kwale ; Child rights monitoring programme across Kenya); Climate change education and adaptation projects across Kenya; Indigenous and marginalized community welfare programmes among the Ogiek of Mau Forest, Sengwer of Cherangany Forest, Yaaku of Mukogodo Forest, Mboni of Kwale, Ilchamus of Lake Baringo, Endorois of Lake Bogoria (all in Kenya) and Batwa of Uganda.