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Partners and Donors

- COMIC Relief and ERMIS Africa are partnering in Bees for Climate change and Bees Mitigation in Kenya.

- CTA – The participatory 3D mapping process was organized by ERMIS Africa with the assistance of CTA. Community elders played a central role in the legend making process that helped in stimulating a rich intergenerational knowledge exchange and in strengthening the indigenous language.

- ERMIS – The Joint University Mentorship Programme (JUMP) is funded and implemented by ERMIS Africa. Its key objective is to establish long-standing mentorships programme for young professional aspirants who are committed to grooming their careers.

-- ESSAP – The development of OPAT was planned by the Ogiek Indigenous People as an attempt to define their territorial domains towards securing of their ancestral territories, rights and interests, cultural heritage, and natural resources within the Mau Forest Complex. The exercise was technically supported by ERMIS Africa with Financial assistance from ESAPP-Switzerland.

- Embassy of Finland, Nairobi – Mau Spatial Data Infrastructure (MAUSDI) is a project with the mandate to promote and facilitate the sharing of geo-spatial datasets among the development partners within the Mau region.This project is financially supported by the Embassy of Finland,Nairobi - Kenya.

- Government of Kenya – Through the Interim Coordinating Secretariat (ICS), Ermis Africa has worked with the Kenyan Government in carrying out the registration exercise of the Ogiek Community members in Kenya in a bid to restore the Mau Forest.

- ICC – This is a project by InterClimate Network and implemented by ERMIS Africa. The Project challenges secondary students to come up with innovative ideas that will provide practical solutions to the increasing concerns of climate change

- KEFRI – ERMIS Africa has collaborated with Kenya Forest Research Institute - in conducting research on Forests in Kenya.

- Ministry of Water and Irrigation – In conjunction with Ermis Africa, this Ministry has been able to capacity build Water Resources Users Associations (WRUAs) In Kenya.

- MMUST – Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) in collaboration with ERMIS Africa, NEMA, Computer for Schools are implementing a UNESCO-HP funded project on "Computer Supported collaborative E-Waste Management Research towards Developing a National E-Waste Management Strategy for Sustainable Development in Kenya". The project will utilize Grid Computing Technologies to link the Students and mentorship within the Kenya and the Diaspora to optimize on Brain Gain from the eminent Brain Drain phenomenon characteristic of most developing countries.

- Rotary International – Twenty five ( 25 ) Rotary clubs and Rotary International are the key funders of Fuel 4 schools.A very resourceful project in Kenya where 81 schools and youth co-operatives in Kenya are being equipped and trained to manufacture fuel briquettes from waste material such as sawdust, cardboard, nuts, etc. These briquettes reduce deforestation by providing a sustainable and cheaper alternative to tree-based charcoal.

- Shalin ry – with financial support from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Finland, Ermis Africa is implementing in partnership with SHALIN ry GIS Enhanced Ecological Management Project (GISEEM) in Kenya with Indigenous and Local communities including Ogiek of Mau and Mt. Elgon, Sengwer of Cherangany hills, Giitune of Mt. Kenya, Yaaku, of Mukogodo forest, Waatha of Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Dholuo community of WIRE hills forest, and Agikuyu of Karima in Aberdare Hills.

- Save the Children : ERMIS Africa is with financial assistance from Save the Children is implementing a programme on Safeguarding Child Rights in Disaster Risks Reduction in Kenya. The project focus on Schools and Communities and Development Actors..

ERMIS Africa has been providing technical support in counties waterpoint mapping through a project with SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and Kenya's water service board.The mapping has been going on with an exercise of mapping of all rural waterpoint source and scheme source in Embu , Kwale ,Turkana and Isiolo county.

- ERMIS Africa with financial from The GEF Small Grants Programme (SGS) has been supporting in strengthening REDD plus and biodiversity conservation within Mt. Kenya region covering 7 counties namely: Laikipia, Isiolo, Meru, Tharaka Nithi, Embu, Kirinyaga and Nyeri. Mt. Kenya Biodiversity Network has been formed to coordinate activities within the 7 counties for synergy and zero duplication.

- ERMIS Africa has been supporting in development of Koibatek participatory forest Management Plan with funding from NECOFA which is a community based Non-governmental organization promoting Ecofarming: Ecologically and socially sustainable Land Management. It works towards empowering communities to sustainably access education, health, food security and social dignity.This Koibatek PFMP was launched on 14/08/2013 .