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Child Rights Violation Monitoring system

Due to increased cases of child rights violation in Kenya and following a pilot project on Safeguarding Child Rights in DRR, ERMIS Africa has launched a web tool aimed at reporting, analyzing and creating awareness on child rights violation. ERMIS launched the web-based Child Rights Violation Monitoring System Programme in 2012 hosted here to monitor the reporting and nature of child right violations across the country.

The monitoring system is a pilot project on child rights violation that will enable the appropriate agencies to take action in order to curb these cases. The system involves a review of local media (daily newspapers) for reports of child rights violation which are posted into the online system. It also allows for any person visiting the site to make any child rights violation cases on the system which upon verification by the ERMIS Child rights monitoring officer are then integrated into the system. The system automatically posts the reports onto a map which shows the distribution and nature of the reported cases. The system also allows for the download analysis of the data generated including the age and gender of the children and the perpetrators.

The categories of Child Rights Violation monitored by the system include Murder,Rape,Child labour, Early marriages,Kidnap,Female Genital Mutilation and forced marriages among others.

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A real linear view of the chart report given below on various categories of child rights violation as extracted and reflected by the Child rights Violation Monitoring system.