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Community REDD+ Pilot Activities in Consultation, Participation, Monitoring, Reporting & Verification in Sururu Forest

A community in Sururu forest, part of the Mau complex has here been a beneficiary through an ongoing pilot project on REDD+ activities. This is a project with financial assistance from Embassy of Finland where ERMIS Africa having participated in the National REDD+ RPPP process.
ERMIS aims at using this platform to inform the National REDD+ steering committee on the way forward after successfully commissioning and subjecting to testing, MASURICOFA members in Sururu as a REDD+ site. This is as a result of baseline survey that was carried out to establish where Sururu forest qualifies as a REDD+ site.

This project consists of three components:-
(i) Piloting REDD+ Consultation and Participation with linkages to Community governance in 10 villages within Sururu forests
(ii) Facilitation of MASULICOFA members in mechanism for enhancing carbon stocks (planting of trees and limiting their uses)
(iii) Facilitating MASULICOFA members in monitoring Carbon Stock Changes (Usage of trees)

The outputs from the above components will be used in scaling up and replicating similar projects in other areas with similar social-economical and ecological characteristics. The implementation of the named components will entail consultation and participation in the National REDD+ activities and filed-based activities. The establishment of the filed pilot sites will enable an experiential design, testing and learning process for the three knowledge areas.
As a first step, ERMIS organized field reconnaissance surveys for 289 households with 50% of them selected as pilot sites in the 1st phase of the project. The selection criterion was random and was not pegged to any condition whatsoever.
ERMIS Africa agreed to assist MASULICOFA members who are the beneficiary of this project to undertake the activities related to the above component. Both parties hereby agree to abide to the following terms and conditions:-

1. ERMIS agrees to provide the beneficiaries with “Energy Saving Jikos” specifically designed to fit the rural set up to minimize wood fuel consumption. This will go alongside training on use and installation of the Jikos
2. ERMIS shall provide 20 tree seedlings to the beneficiary that shall supplement as woodlots for fuel to promote farm forestry. The beneficiary agrees to plant more trees to supplement the seedlings given.
3. The beneficiary agrees to provide monitoring reports on the daily usage of the “energy saving jikos”. These Jikos are aimed at reducing the number of trees felled.
4. The beneficiary agrees to provide any other additional reports required by ERMIS