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Community Participation in GIS

ERMIS has developed a long term capacity in Environmental Information Systems by integrating spatial-based environmental planning and management tools with participatory learning and action methodologies towards supporting sustainable development in various sectors. The key spatial information management tools include: GIS, Global Positioning Systems Surveys, Remote Sensing, Participatory 3-Dimensional Modeling, web-mapping tools and customized mapping. Based on participatory GIS experiences, ERMIS in collaboration with other International Organizations has development a tool kit that has been used to train communities, government and civil society in Participatory mapping technologies.
Ermis Africa has a GIS departments that has the following objectives
• Create, collect, and distribute high quality, up-to-date, consistent and complete geospatial data.
• Ensure that the geo-spatial data is available for day-to-day purposes anytime, anywhere.
• Cultivate the advanced use of GIS.
• GIS knowledge base Improved within the organization and Integration of GIS with other core business processes.