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Food Security, Nutrition and Health

As part of its mandate, ERMIS Africa has continued to empower communities on good natural resource management through various capacity building initiatives aimed at equipping them with the necessary wherewithal that will help them sustain their livelihoods and co-exist harmoniously with their environment without exerting pressure on the resources hence risk depleting them.

Many communities, especially the indigenous ones, peg wholly their daily provisions in terms of food and livelihood in the forest and forest products, but the recent changes in global trends in terms of technological advancement coupled with changes in weather patterns as a result of many factors e.g. global warming, means that, in order to secure their livelihood against all these rapid changes in the environment, a different approach has to be adopted aimed at preparing them with new skills and techniques for survival.

Many of such communities hitherto were relying on forest products i.e. honey, herbs and meat from wild animals; but the changes in the environment attributed to various phenomena; including rapid urbanization as a result of the increase in human population has resulted in massive deforestation hence putting their livelihood into jeopardy.

In order to stem this scenario, ERMIS Africa has trained communities and facilitated the establishment of different projects i.e. bee keeping that will cushion them from the rapid changes in their environment by showing them alternative ways of not only earning a living, but also sustainable natural resource management. This has been attained through participatory mapping initiatives aimed at inventorying natural resources for effective monitoring and management. ERMIS Africa has also been backstopping different community projects and CBOs by offering technical advice and technology where needed.

Bees for Climate Change Adoption Project

Bees for Climate Change Adoption Project, is a 1 year baseline survey commissioned by COMIC RELIEF and technically implemented by ERMIS Africa in collaboration with African Conservation Foundation with an aim to inform the current status of beekeeping in the target areas in Kenya namely; Kitui, Makueni, Nakuru, Narok, Meru, Tharaka Nithi, Bungoma, West Pokot, Baringo, Kwale, Kilifi & Lamu. The information was to be used to design an effective 5 year beekeeping intervention (Bees Kenya Project) to make a positive step poverty alleviation as well as climate change adaptation.

The survey aimed at assessing the honey trends along all the value chain :-Policy & Regulations, Production, Harvesting, Processing, Packaging , Branding, Value Addition, Advertising and Marketing. It also assessed the resilience measures in place: adoption of Traditional Ecological Knowledge & Practices of Indigenous groups practicing Bee Keeping and the Climate change vulnerabilities and impacts.

Phase 1 : Baseline survey to inform the current value chain status of beekeeping in Kenya. Phase II: Designing an effective 5 year beekeeping intervention (Bees Kenya Project) to make a positive step poverty alleviation as well as climate change adaptation