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Kaiti Watershed Biodiversity Survey in Makueni County

Kaiti watershed Baseline survey Kaiti watershed, a sub-catchment of the Athi River basin is located in Kilome Division of Makueni County in Kenya and covers 660 km2 spanning two sub-counties i.e. Makueni and Kathonzweni. Makueni County is classified as an ASAL region.

ERMIS Africa in collaboration with National Museum of Kenya and financial support from PAFRI through ACT! carried out a baseline biodiversity survey of Kaiti Watershed in 2012. Kaiti Watershed biodiversity survey was aimed at establishing the status of the Kaiti ecosystem, the socioeconomic status of the local community and identifying/inventorying local institutions involved in natural resource management and governance within the watershed. In addition the survey sought to identify and map environmental threats and their extent such as soil erosion and water pollution among others.

The survey resulted in the development of an up-datable biodiversity database and documentation of the environmental threats and their extent; an inventory of all NRM institutions in the area and their capacities; and an analysis of the community's socioeconomic status. The out put data/information, both spatial and statistical, was presented in a comprehensive report detailing the findings of the survey and recommendations for sustainable management of natural resources in the watershed and ways to mitigate the environmental threats therein.

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