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Marginalized community mapping in Africa

Areas where ERMIS Africa has conducted this kind of mappingParticipatory 3 Dimension Modelling Mapping (P3DMM) is a community-based mapping method which integrates local spatial knowledge with data on elevation of the land and depth of the sea to produce stand-alone, scaled and geo-referenced relief models. Essentially based on local spatial knowledge, land use and cover, and other features are depicted by informants on the model by the use of pushpins (points), yarns (lines) and paints (polygons). On completion, a scaled and geo-referenced grid is applied to facilitate data extraction or importation. Data depicted on the model are extracted, digitized and plotted. On completion of the exercise the model remains with the community
Participatory 3D modelling works best when used jointly with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in a Participatory GIS (PGIS) context.
Why P3DMM with the local communities

  • Done for Awareness Raising and Education
  • For Community Cohesion and Self-actualization
  • For Increasing Local Communications Capacity
  • Done for Collaborative Planning
  • For Collaborative Research
  • Protected Area Management
  • For Self-determination
  • For Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
  • For Conflict Resolution

P3DM Mukogodo Forest, Kenya
The Yiaku Peoples (also known as Mukogodo Peoples) are an indigenous community living in the Mukogodo Forest of Laikipia,Northern Kenya.They were traditionally hunter-gatherers.the community developped a Participatory 3 D Model Mapping with the assistance of Porini.Support has been provided by the Indegenous Peoples of Africa co-ordinating Committee(IPACC) and SHALIN, a Finnish based networking NGO.Technical implementation has been facilitated by ERMIS Africa.

P3DM of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park,Uganda.
1:10,000 scale Paticipatory 3D Model( P3DM ) of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda:with financial assistance from Forest Peoples Programme and hosting by UOBDU,ERMIS Africa provided technical support to the Batwa Peoples to map their territories.

P3DM Sengwer People, Cherangany Forest Kenya.
1:10,000 scale (2 X vertical exaggeration ) Participatory 3 D Model of cherangani Hills, in Trans Nzoia, Marakwet and West Pokot Districts of rift Valley Province (August 2007). The exercise has been made possible by the coordinated effort made by Sengwer Peoples, ERMIS Africa, Shalin RY and the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committe (IPACC)

P3DM Mau Forest Complext (Ogiek Peoples ancestral Lands)
1:10,000 scale ( 2 X vertical exaggeration ) Participatory 3D Model (P3DM) of the Mau complex.It includes portions of the Nakuru and Narok Districts, Kenya, ( August 2006 ).
Depicted data reflect the mental maps of approximately 120 Ogiek Peoples from the 21 clans.Elders populated the model with their memories dating back to 1925 and reconstructed the landscape as it was at that time.The model displayed 51 data layers including different types of areas (15), points (30) and lines (6).