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ERMIS Career JUMP Programme

About ERMIS Career JUMP programme
Career JUMP Programme is training and mentorship programme for individuals who aspire to spring to the next level in their career development pathways. The programme targets both aspirants professionals -who are either pursuing their higher education career, search or preparing for employment opportunities, and practicing professionals who are already employed or self-employed and seeking to move up their career growth ladder. The programme is jointly run by ERMIS Africa in collaboration with Universities, Government, Private and Donor Agencies around the world. JUMP provide trainees with experiential mentorship opportunity in market-relevant knowledge, hands-on skills and competences in line with their career development pathway. The programme is customizable to suit their study and working schedule. JUMP targets professionals from a broad range of development disciplines including: Social Development; Project Cycle Management; Natural Resource Management; Environment Management; Water Sanitation and Hygiene; Communication Management; Data and Information Management; Climate Change; Conflict Resolution and Peace Building. The programme is designed to run over a duration of 3 months.
Training and Mentorship Domains
The programme provided three mentorship domains which include:
  1. Knowledge linkage which serves to bridge the emerging knowledge relevant in the industry or sector with trainees /Mentees with the required job-market relevant knowledge. This will be delivered through motivational talks and knowledge clinics anchored by carefully selected outstanding professionals from the relevant industries and sectors
  2. Skills Linkage which serves to link the invigorated knowledge to the skills required by the respective industry or sector. This is provided through practical sessions on (i) Planning Studio and (ii) Participatory Information Management Technologies (PIMT). The sessions will be delivered through extensive fieldwork and hands-on training under the instruction of experienced mentors in the respective industries and sectors
  3. Practice Linkage which serves to link the reinvigorated knowledge and attained skills to professional practices. This will be delivered through practicum for trainees and mentees in relevant field-based project context with clearly defined activities, outputs and objectives. A key output for all mentees in a given cohort will be a graded publication.
Training and Mentorship Campus
JUMP programme is currently run at the three Campus of Excellence of ERMIS Africa based in Nairobi, Nakuru and Isiolo in Kenya. Application forms and guidelines are available at ERMIS Africa website Every JUMP programme accommodates a total of 30 mentees who are distributed to each of our campuses. To apply for JUMP visit or write to use through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. visit one of our campuses
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