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3.0 Module 002 : Participatory Impact Monitoring

3.1 Training Outline

3.1 Training Outline



Participatory Impact Monitoring


Module 002

Application Context:

CDD micro-projects, Support to Local Development Project and NRM projects

Target Group


Training Objective

The participants should be able to monitor project impact on social, cultural and economic aspects  of the project

Training Specific Objectives

The trainer should be able to demonstrate to the trainee how to:

  • Understand the impacts from community development intervention through participatory observation, measurement and analysis
  • Facilitating community to learn and assess impacts on their own by developing and utilizing participatory indicators.
  • To capacitate people to gather impact information and document it, using participatory tools, so as to create a timeline of information on various participatory chosen indicators.
  • To help the facilitating organization learn from the community’s understanding of impacts, using participatory mechanisms/tools, to facilitate the project interventions based on these understandings.
  • Relate and utilize impacts findings in planning and implementing future interventions

Training Units /Content

  • Stage 1: Define the geographic and time limits of the project
  • Stage 2: Define the questions to be answered
  • Stage 3: Identify and prioritize locally-defined impact indicator
  • Stage 4: Decide on the Method to use
  • Stage 5: Decide which sampling method and sample size
  • Stage 6: Develop a Impact Monitoring Plan
  • Stage 7: Assessing Project Attribution
  • Stage 8: Triangulation
  • Stage 9: Feedback and Validation

Training Resources

  • Brainstorming
  • Group discussions
  • Questionnaires
  • Question, comments and answer session
  • Reference Materials



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