1.0 Participatory Integrated Community Development

2.0 Participatory Intergrated Development Process

3.0 Participatory Impact   Monitoring    

4.0 Conflict Management   and Peace Building

2.0 Participatory Intergrated Development Process

Secret in the Box

Three people were to provide information of the contents in box. The first person is most exposed, travelled and experienced in regional and global issues. The second person is fairly exposed, travelled and experienced in country and regional issues. The third person comes from kijiji village and knows the local issues affecting the village.

The three people are to tell the contents of the box.

  • The first has to do with- the box is while it is closed and can only shake it and listen to the sound.
  • The second person is blindfolded and can only open the box, and smell its contents.
  • The third person has eyes open, opens the box and can see, touch, and smell the contents.
  • The three people are scored against the contents they successfully identify and described in terms of such attributes as color, texture, size etc. The thirds person marks are used as the benchmark.    




2.2 Unit 03: Awareness Creation & Attitude Change phase


Purpose: The phase aims at changing the community members’ attitude towards their own development by assisting them to identify enabling and disabling development approaches.

The communities are facilitated to conduct a role play as part of the learning, investigate the learning points from the role play through structured questions and diverse answers and draw lessons learned on enabling and disabling approaches to development.


2.2.1        The River Code Role Play

Two men and one woman are on their way to a wedding. Then suddenly they meet a flooded river and fear crossing as it can drown them.  They find a man working next to the flooded river.

Feeling trapped and unable to cross over to the other side, they ask the man to assist them to cross.

The man agrees to help them and offers to carry them on his back across the river on a free service. They agree to be carried over but the woman refuses and request to be guided on how to cross.

The man holds her hand and leads her, step by step across the flooded river stepping on the stones


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2.1 Unit 02: Community entry and re-entry

2.2 Unit 03: Awareness Creation & Attitude Change phase

2.2.2 Secret in the Box

2.2.3 The ‘Diamond Farm’

2.2.4 Take a step’

2.2.5 The Boat Is Sinking ’

2.2.6 The 65-Year Old Couple’

2.3 Unit 04: Situational analysis and visioning phase’

2.3.1 Community Mapping

2.3.2 Resource Bag

2.3.3 The 24 hour day schedule

2.3.4 Seasonal calendar

2.3.5 Family vision

2.3.6 Pair-wise Ranking

2.3.7 Visioning matrix

2.4 Unit 5: Planning phase

2.4.1 Long Term Goals

2.4.2 Selection and Formation of CDPC

2.4.3 Visioning Matrix Discussion

2.4.4 Short-term Goals

2.4.5 Future Mapping

2.4.6 Community Action Plan

2.4.7 Resource Mobilization

a. Wealth Ranking

b. Venn Diagram II – External Institutions

Election of the CDDC

2.5 Unit 6: Implementation Phase

1. Input Tracking Matrix

2. Community Scoring of Performance